Greeting! I am Keshab Raj from Nepal currently residing in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am an MSc graduated ICTE Engineer with BSc in Bachelor and AP degree in Computer Science. I can accelerate my skills based on the project requirements.

Some of the projects still in my loops are as follows:

Clear Web Stats: It is an webmaster tool for SEO geek / Students / Researcher to find loads of webmaster related metrics.
Web Stat Data: Is an Organic Keywords and Research Tool for SEO enthusiast / researcher to find out the organic search keywords based on Google search.


What I can do is literally rely on what your project requires me to do, I strive to resolve solutions by relying on the latest technology and patterns. The list below can give you some idea of what I can jump start with right away…

iOS Dev

Your brand of iOS application development using native C# and SwiftUI framework.

Web Design / Development

Your product need to follow the latest technologies and better guidelines to get noticed in market.

Your Brand Identity

A simple basic rules yet easy to mess around, developing your brand is very vital if you really have a broad idea.


First and foremost, SEO is not over night stuffs. It’s require immense knowledge and inspiring followup to keep updating with major search engines. In short, I am a a Google digital marketing certified and I know what it takes to rank well in search engines.

Business Consultant

The idea of a business consultant does not affect the origin brand solution, but it will adhere to the technology prospect to enlighten you and your company in the virtual world.


What else?

Is there something you need help with which is not listed here? You are welcome to contact me using contact form below. We can start from there.

There are many things that keep me together, of course first off it needs to be an exciting project and then many aspects which keep me sticking around.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

work I have done so far!

Just to add on the list, not all the work I am able to attach at the moment, hence you can generally have an idea how things are poised.

Dice game - iPhone 11 Pro Max - Objective C and SwiftUI, ecommerce, woocommerce and Divi
Aleyna Eda’s restaurant, wordpress, divi
Gastronomia Italiana, landing page, wordless, divi

Client centric

I like to use Agile methodology and CI/CD while developing any sort of application or software. I make sure all of my designs / developments are focus on client centric approach.